Our Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting The Legal Redress Right Commission 

It has been our mission to help those who are unable to fully and completely help themselves. There’s something said everyone needs to know, “we do not have all of the answers”. That is to say many of the items that you will find on this site any information you will find at youtube.com/user/redress right has taken quite some time to put together most of it is not complete which means you will have to do the homework and the research to verify the information. There’s a lot of misinformation, and dis-information on the web, that is due to strategy. You can’t have all of the sheepeople waking up at the same time. One of the first things we wanna convey to you is that there’s no such thing as a straw man, straw person, or any other fictitious character, it is all about title, and contract. Now some of you think you already know this and that is fine, however for those who don’t know we’ll explain: The various governments in the world who engage in International Commerce have devised a system whereby they deal with the sentient human person. They have done this because their own laws say that they cannot deal with the self-aware human person. But you might say what laws that? The one that says that all men were created equal, I know you may have fought that that was a bible passage, but those words do not appear in any bible, and is never inferred to. OK so if they can’t deal with the self aware of human person, how are they doing this? We’re glad you asked! It’s all about title, and “you say what you talking about Willis? ” When you are born you’re given one name, referred to as a first name, and as you are young your family refers to you by one name. You’re probably saying ‘what about the last name?’ That’s the key, you notice a last name and a first name is not a name!, and you would have a valid point that’s two names not one. So when you put a first name and a lasting together you create a title, doesn’t matter how many other names you add to it either prefixes are suffixes it’s still a title. Now you’re saying what is that have to do with anything? Titles have owners, owners have titles, so someone takes ownership of the title? Someone does one no one steps up to claim the title, so who is making the claim to your title? You’re almost there here’s how it goes, your house has a title, your car has a title, your land has a title, you have a title. OK so how does that help you? You need to learn how to get control over your title, how to take ownership of your title, and that’s what we’re here to help you to understand how to do You will start off with a declaration of executorship. What you will notice is that we’ve created a document that brings up all of the points necessary, it becomes a declaration why? Because every state, and or every nation must have a declaration, (28 USC 1603). And because of this nice little understanding you were declared dead, well at least your title was. So the declaration of the executorship (a document founded on wall, and said to have the basis that law), affirms that you’re not dead, that you were never dead, were never deceased, that you are alive and you are cleaning your title. Because the courts have not made a determination whether the practice of law is a common right or not, we will give legal direction without recourse (uniform commercial code 1-308, 3-415), but we will never give our opinion, everything we talk about we practice, we’re not afraid to be wrong, however to date no one has come close to proving us wrong on any point. It’s not that they haven’t tried; it is due to the fact that we do our homework as well as research. And that brings us to the conclusion of the section of this page, “we believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions and so we asked that all of you be responsible adults and do your homework as well as research”. You may contact us via e-mail at:  redressintake@yahoo.com