Discharge Debt Students Class Info:

  1. Conference Class Phone code & Computer Access link
  2. New Student Sign-up Procedures
  3. New Student Sign-up Check List
  4. Organization Photo Roster
  5. Commission Photo Roster
  6. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  7. The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  8. Pull All Three Credit Reports ($4.95)
  9. Skip the Trip to the Post Office
  10. Premium Membership is Required

    $49.95 Donation

  1. Fair Credit Reporting Act (broke Down by Sections)
  2. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(broke Down by Sections)
  3. Frist Letter to the Credit Bureaus & Follow Up Letters
  4. Frist Letter to the Banks or Collection Agency & Follow Up Letters
  5. Letters For Student School Loans
  6. Dispute letter to a debt collector (attempting to collect a bill for services)
  7. Dispute letter to a debt collector (credit card, mortgage or other loan)
  8. Online Link to Press Release