Discharge Debt Students Class Info:

  1. Conference Class Phone code & Computer Access link
  2. New Student Sign-up Procedures
  3. New Student Sign-up Check List
  4. Organization Photo Roster
  5. Commission Photo Roster
  6. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  7. The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  8. Pull All Three Credit Reports ($4.95)
  9. Skip the Trip to the Post Office
  10. Premium Membership is Required


  1. Fair Credit Reporting Act (broke Down by Sections)
  2. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(broke Down by Sections)
  3. Frist Letter to the Credit Bureaus & Follow Up Letters
  4. Frist Letter to the Banks or Collection Agency & Follow Up Letters
  5. Letters For Student School Loans
  6. Dispute letter to a debt collector (attempting to collect a bill for services)
  7. Dispute letter to a debt collector (credit card, mortgage or other loan)
  8. Online Link to Press Release